Tips on How to Buy Valtrex in Australia

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Valtrex is an antiviral drug that is used to slow the growth and spread of the herpes virus. The drug is used to treat infections caused by the virus which mainly include genital herpes, shingles in adults and cold sores. In children less than 2 years of age, it is used to treat chickenpox. The drug does not prevent the spread of the virus but it is able to lessen the symptoms of an infection. Valacyclovir is the generic name and Valtrex the brand name.

Buy Valtrex in Australia

Buy Valtrex in Australia

Here is some of the things you should know on how to use Valtrex and its side effects:

It is important that you consult the doctor before embarking on using the drug. The medical practitioner should know if you suffer from HIV/AIDS, have a kidney or bone marrow transplant, or if you have a weak immune system. Different dosage is prescribed for different ailments. However, the medication should start off at the first signs of an infection.

For those with genital herpes infection, it is important to note that it does not stop one from infecting others just because you are on medication. It is therefore advisable to use a latex condom when having sex if not abstaining. The tablets should be stored in a cool drug place and used as directed. The common dosage is 1g twice for 7-10 days or as directed. Wearing loose clothes lessen the contact with the lesions thus bringing down irritation around private parts.

Like any other drug, it has some side effects. The most common include: difficulties in breathing, swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat. Some other effects are: problems with speech, hallucinations, seizure, kidney problems, confusion and fatigue. If this effects get noticed, then you should immediately stop the medication and seek medical advice. Red spots on the skin, unusual bleeding, feeling weak or tired, stomach pain, all this accompanied with fever and a pale skin.

If you have been wondering on how you can buy Valtrex online, it is simple as checking for the sites with the pharmaceutical sellers and making a purchase. The delivery will be prompt and at a cheap price.