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Cialis: prescription by a doctor
Cialis is a type of drug and is mostly related to Viagra which is used for the erectile dysfunction. Cialis is prescribed by doctor those who are all having erectile dysfunction. This drug taken and the dosage level starts from five mg to sixty mg may be preferred. It is not only cure for erectile dysfunction and also it can help man to achieve erectile and maintain during intercourse.But it does not treat underlying the cause of the erectile dysfunction.It has a some side effects such as hypertension and coronary disease disorder.This drug should not be taken while we taking nitrates causing heart attack.The recommended dosage level is ten mg taken at least thirty minutes before the sexual activity.


Depending upon the tolerability and efficacy ,dosage level may be increased upto twenty mg and decreased to five mg.The recommended dosage level for erectile dysfunction is 2.5 only for daily activity.This drug should be taken before two hours you plan have to sex.the effects lasts up to four hours after taking the pill.It has a serious side effects of heart diseases, headache ,blood pressure , fainting,stomach upset, back pain etc.The cost of Cialis ranges from twenty nine dollars to forty five dollars in United States OF America.In this drug, a major side effects leads to heart attack which leads to death.Mild side effects of headache ,back pain,burping ,indigestion,muscle aches,flushing,runny nose etc.this drug helps to recovering the disorder of erectile dysfunction.we have to take some precautionary steps to avoid side effects.Do not take Cialis when you take nitrates.If you take Cialis when you take nitrates, it may leads to cause severe heart disease like coronary disorder and hypertension.


After taking a single tablet,some of active ingredient of Cialis remains our body for more than two days the active ingredient can remain so longer if you have a problem with your liver, kidney you taking different medication.if taking Cialis for treating ed and stop sexual activity and medical help right away if you symptoms of chest pain, dizziness,nausea sexual can put extra strain and heart also worst these symptoms.Cialis is good healthcare of prescribes.your healthcare provider will prescribe dose that it right for our body. Dont change our dose the way of taking.