Levitra: here are a few Questions you should ask your doctor prior to taking it

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Levitra is one of those drugs that has always helped my erectile dysfunction. I started to suffer from ED when I was about 18 years old. I mean, I couldn’t get a boner throughout the entirety of college. And that was weird because I fucked several women and men during that time. I just had to do it with a flaccid penis. It wasn’t until 24 years of age that I realized that you weren’t supposed to have sex with a flaccid dick. That’s when I started to do some research on the options to make the blood flow to my penis better. I stumbled upon Levitra when I was 26 after having no luck with Viagra. It helped moderately at first, but then I started to inject it into my asshole at around 27.

That’s when it really started to work. I have had massive erections for the last 39 years. I have been married 17 times during that span, and each of the women have commented that they can’t believe how moderately OK my penis is during sex. There is enough blood flow that it actually looks like a boner.

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After taking Levitra I immediately noticed the difference. I haven’t felt like this in years. I am so grateful to have found this miracle wonder treatment!

Even though those women like my boners, I have had to increase my dosage over the years to sustain the mediocreness of the boners. Once I hit 35 years of age, Levitra wasn’t doing the same work even upon injecting the asshole. That’s when I started docking with men to see if that could assist the Levitra a little bit better. I had this one eight-way dock with these heterosexuals that didn’t even know what was going on. It was 1 p.m. in the afternoon and they were just standing at the Arby’s with their pants down, so I decided to insert my penis into theirs. It worked like a charging station for your phone. All of a sudden, all eight of our dicks collectively went sky high. I couldn’t tell if I had turned them gay or if they were just really excited for the curly fries. Either way, I discovered this was the combination with Levitra that I needed to have absolutely massive erections. As a result, I bought a Russian male-ordered bride and put him in my closet in case I ever wanted to have sex with one of my wives. When I did, I would pull out the Russian and dock with him for at least three days to get my boner in shape. It always worked like a charm. That is, until I found out that you had to feed Russians in order to keep them alive.

The man died after two months from starvation. I didn’t realize people from Europe and Asia actually ate food. My bad. I tried to buy a second Russian male-ordered bride, but they wouldn’t allow it because they thought I would kill another one. Now, I just quadruple up on my Levitra pills, and try my best with a mediocre boner.